Telescopes, Telescope Calibration Facilities & Optomechanics Tasks

There are a number of space and ground based telescopes for which I provided instruments or devices. Most frequently these instruments are in the form of calibration or test systems for the flight instrument, which incorporated light sources, filters and filter wheel assemblies, optical elements and the tools and systems to align these, and verify that alignment.  I have also delivered flight devices for space based telescope systems.

A UV source for GALEX is the most recent in this series of space telescope calibration systems. This system enabled the instrument team to generate a "cube" of data, providing the through-system response for every pixel at every wave length. The calibration system was developed under contract to Caltech, which is the source contractor for the telescope. The GALEX telescope was completed in the Fall of 2001.

In chronological order:

GALEX Space Telescope Lead Engineer for the Calibration Stimulus

ARISE Space Telescope Adaptively Shaped Subreflector Technology Development

Next Generation Space Telescope Cryogenic Actuator Metrology Facility Design & Development 

SIRTF Space Telescope Lead Mechanical Engineer for Cryogenic Interferometer Facility Design

Solar Telescope Opto-mechanical design for athermalization approach and mounts

Hubble Space Telescope Wide Field Camera II Lead Engineer for the Calibration Stimulus

Hubble Space Telescope Wide Field Camera I  On-orbit, astronaut operated handling fixtures

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